Looking for ways to reduce cost of your business and turn it profitable? Foxdiary is here to help you out.
If you have not read our Why us page, please do where we have outlined the benefits you get from transitioning the work to our team. You can save a massive 95% of the cost of hiring an employee when you transition work to one of our employee.
You begin the journey of increased productivity and reduced stress with foxdiary. We are a team of highly skilled personnel from the land of coders, India.
You can hire our team with similar skill sets you get in the US at the fraction of a cost.
One month of dedicated employee @ $999.
Our virtual assistants can

Schedule meetings Pay bills
Book Travel Conduct research
Build websites Manage projects
Pretty much any work he/she can do from India and send it across to you.If you want to install your own custom software and want our employees to work from that, it can be arranged as well. Just make sure you give him/her the initial learning curve.
Please note, if you want us to work on custom software, we will charge on a per project basis.